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Job Opening Information Science Teacher (Probationary)

Job Number
Science Prob-20-21-2

Position Title
Science Teacher (Probationary)
Required Application Type
Teacher / Admin
Job Description

Provide Science (Chemistry and General) instruction to students in grades 7-12.

Job Qualifications
  • New York State certification in Adolescent Chemistry 7-12, and General Science Extension 7-12 required.
  • Ability to work independently, facilitate group dynamics, exercise good judgment and show initiative.
  • Ability to make a commitment to academic excellence.
  • Have an ability to communicate effectively with staff and students.
Application Procedure

Upload resume, cover letter, transcript, and letters of reference or a list of references, along with filling out the document listed below under "Additional Information". 

You will need to print this document, fill it out and re-attach/re-upload with your application materials.

Job Category
Job Location
Jr./Sr. High School

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